UV Booth

UV Booth
UV Inspection & Rework Booth

The UV Inspection and Rework Booth is designed to assist in the inspection, repair and/or reworking of conformally coated electronic circuit assemblies.

As all approved conformal coatings contain a UV tracer, the coating glows bright blue under the UV light source, making inspection simpler and more effective.

The unit is constructed from a chassis of aluminium panels, with a solvent-resistant painted finish. An LED UV lamp is mounted inside the top panel on a pivoting bracket. This allows the operator to adjust the angle of the light to ensure their eyes are protected from the emitted UV light for maximum safety.

An anti-static mat complete with anti-static earthing points is supplied fitted to the workbase, and an exhaust spigot is located centrally to the rear panel for connection to an external exhaust duct. The spigot measures 25 x 80 mm in diameter. Lamp life is approximately 25,000 hours.


Key Features
  • Aluminium, coated panel frame. Overall dimensions are 820 mm deep x 600 mm wide x 600 mm high
  • Designed for bench-top mounting (free standing version available)
  • LED IP65 50 W UV 395nm Lamp
  • Anti-static work mat
  • External Colour: White Internal Colour: Black
  • Power Demand: 120 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
UV Booth
Gen3 Systems UV Booth
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UV Inspection and Rework Booth