UV Booth

UV Booth
UV Inspection & Rework Booth

The UV Booth is designed to assist in the inspection of samples that require UV light to enhance discrepancies, contamination or process issues. 

Used in a variety of markets, including the electronics and medical markets, the UV booth is a high quality inspection unit that provides quick and clear results for fast visual assessments. 

The unit is a solid aluminium chassis coated with solvent resistant paint. 

An anti-static mat complete with antistatic earthing points is supplied fitted to the work base, and an exhaust spigot is located centrally to the rear panel for connection to an external exhaust duct. The spigot measures 25 x 80 mm in diameter.


Key Features
  • Aluminium Chassis
  • Dimensions (mm): 820L x 600W x  620H
  • Designed for bench top applications
  • Anti static work mat fitted
  • Solvent resistant protective paint
  • UV protective goggles supplied
  • On/Off switch with IEC connecter & 2M power cord


UV Lamp Specifications

  • Power Supply – 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption – 30W
  • Protection grade – IP65
  • Max ambient temperature – 35oC
  • Max housing temperature – 50oC
  • Min distance from flammable surfaces – 50cm
  • Min distance to lighted object – 10cm
  • LED type – 30W Array
  • Number of LED’s - 1
  • LED Beam angle – 120o
  • UV Wavelength – 390nm Peak
  • Dimensions (mm) – 285 x 235 x 145
  • Weight – 2.7kg
Gen3 UV Booth
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Gen3 UV Booth