Solderability Tester
MUST System 3

Introducing the MUST 3 Solderability tester – the worlds number 1 solderability test system.

The MUST System 3 is the latest technological evolution of the original Multicore Universal Solderability Tester (MUST) that grandfathered all modern solderability test standards. It remains the unquestioned industry benchmark for solderability testing.

The MUST was originally developed by collaboration through a EU "Bright Project" together with NPL, Siemens and Philips. The NPL continue to assist in development of this test method.

Capable of measuring down to 0.001mN the MUST is THE most accurate and comprehensively equipped test system of its type in the world.

Gen3 actively participates in standards development work with IEC, IPC, ISO, BSI and other official standards authorities to help maintain and develop solderability metrology.

The MUST 3 sets the standard - it performs solderability testing in accordance with all major international standards and comprises everything necessary for all forms of solderability tests.

Key Features
  • Automatic component alignment and testing
  • Immediate pass/fail information on completion of each test
  • Step and repeat function for multi-leaded devices
  • 4 Individual globule blocks for wetting balance testing
  • Testing ability down to 0201 devices
  • Superior Gauge R&R
  • Greater accuracy  using a sampling rate measuring to levels better than 0.1mN/BIT
  • Force Resolution 0.001mN
  • Immersion depth 0-30mm at a resolution of 0.01mm
  • Immersion speed 0-30mm/s (resolution 0.05mm/s)
  • USB Camera
  • Smooth, fast and quiet in operation

Technical Specifications

810mm x 340mm x 520mm (L x W x H) 220-240 volt ac 50Hz, 1 amp OR 110 volt ac 60Hz, <2 amp 60 Kgs


MUST 3 Accessories

The MUST 3 features THE most comprehensive scope of supply

  • Bath and 4 Globules: 4mm; 3.2mm; 2mm and 1mm plus
  • Solder pellets (SnPb and Lead-free) 200mg(4mm); 100mg (3.2mm); 25mg (2mm) and 5mg(1mm)
  • All accessories to conduct solderability testing in full compliance with all standards including IEC – IPC – MIL STD – EIA/JET – ISO – JEITA – JNC & many user specific methods
  • A set of 13 clips to suit the majority of components
  • Comprehensive solderability testing manual
  • NPL solderability testing best practice guide
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