SMT & BGA Rework

SMT & BGA Rework
Finetech BGA Rework
Fineplacer Rework

Finetech manufactures innovative, high-accuracy equipment for leading-edge bonding, micro assembly and rework challenges.  The FINEPLACER® systems are designed to be modular for maximum process flexibility and come in manual, semi-automatic or automatic configurations.

Finetech rework products deliver the key benefits needed for reworking advanced devices – such as precise temperature and convection flow control, outstanding placement accuracy, extensive recipe libraries, large board handling, non-contact residual solder removal, and solder paste or flux dispensing.

The deep process knowledge, gained through decades of experience adds value to the equipment and we aim to work with customers to create effective solutions for specific applications where "one size" does not necessarily fit all.

A number of products have been developed for both specific micro assembly and rework specifications.

Micro Assembly

Automatic Die Bonder

The new FINEPLACER® femto 2 is a fully automated sub micron die bonder for advanced packaging applications. A complete machine enclosure ensures highly stable and fully controlled processes with the focus on maximum yield.

Fineplacer Sigma
Semi-automated Sub-Micron Bonder

The FINEPLACER® sigma combines sub-micron placement accuracy with a 450 x 150 mm2 working area and bonding forces up to 1000 N. The system is ideal for all types of precision die bonding and flip chip applications ready to be pushed toward wafer level.

Fineplacer Matrix MA
Semi-automatic Die Bonder
FINEPLACER® matrix ma

The FINEPLACER® matrix ma is a semi-automatic bonder providing a stable, high accuracy solution for a broad range of component and substrate sizes, and a bonding area up to 300mm.

Finetech Lambda
Flexible Sub-micron Die Bonder

The flexible FINEPLACER® lambda is a sub-micron die-bonder for precision die attach and advanced chip packaging. It offers a modular design and can be easily reconfigured for future applications.

Finetech Pico MA
Multi-purpose Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® pico ma is our most cost effective bonder designed for prototyping or low-volume production, R&D labs and universities.

Fineplacer Pico AMA
Automated Flip Chip Bonder
FINEPLACER® pico ama

The FINEPLACER® pico ama is a cost effective, fully-automated bonder, offering a high level of application flexibility. This award winning system is targeted for low volume production environments...

Rework Products

Fineplacer Core BGA Rework System
BGA Rework Station
FINEPLACER® coreplus

The FINEPLACER® coreplus is a dedicated rework system that offers a level of professionalism that exceeds its attractive price.  The system offers Finetech’s long proven rework technology for a wide spectrum of SMD components, ranging in size from 01005 to 90 mm x 90 mm.

Fineplacer Pico RS
High Density Rework Station

FINEPLACER® pico rs is an enhanced hot air rework station for assembly and rework of all types of SMD components. The system is a best seller for professional mobile device rework in high density environments.

Fineplacer Matrix RS
Advanced Rework
FINEPLACER® matrix rs

The FINEPLACER® matrix rs is a semi-automatic rework station representing the latest development from Finetech, encompassing the “Built to be Best” philosophy.