GEN3 – Second Generation Makes Way for the Third

GEN3 – Second Generation Makes Way for the Third
15 February 2021

Graham Naisbitt, President, is delighted to announce that his son, Andrew Naisbitt, will be promoted to CEO position with immediate effect.

For three generations, GEN3 have designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed test and measurement equipment into the electronics industry.  

The Founder, Arthur Naisbitt, started the enterprise in 1969 and since taking over as CEO in 1985, Graham has continued the drive the company to become the success that it is today.

Awareness and change have always been the key to successful operations for GEN3.  The company has grown through reputation for excellence in both product quality and customer service since its inception and spanning 3 Generations that is GEN3.

Customer delight and continuous product development relies heavily on ensuring that you have the right team members and structure in place, something that GEN3 has been conscious of since inception over 50 years ago.

With this in mind, GEN3 is delighted to announce the promotion of Andrew Naisbitt to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) whilst current CEO, Graham Naisbitt, will move into the position of President.

We asked Graham and Andrew to comment on their company’s structural changes.

Graham Naisbitt

Q: Graham – please give us an insight into the driving forces behind your decision to promote Andrew to CEO whilst you take up the position of President.

Since the unwelcome appearance of Covid-19, I have been obliged to work from home. My son Andrew stepped up to the plate and assumed day-to-day control of the business. The entire episode led me to the obvious conclusion to promote Andrew to his correct and entirely deserved title. I am handing him the baton that my father gave to me when I was about the same age as Andrew.

Q: Graham – what are your expectations for Andrew in this position, and where would you like to see him take GEN3 over the next few years?

GEN3 stands at the door of a unique opportunity. Thanks to our efforts in helping to develop new industry standards over the past 20+ years, requirements for our equipment and test instruments are growing rapidly.

In 2016 our export business was around 50%, by 2019, that had grown to almost 80%. Thanks to the effects of Covid-19, we presently stand at almost 90% export.

Over the next two to five years, I am confident that Andrew will grow our business from its extremely strong foundations. As we enter into 2021, we are on the back of four solid years of consistent growth, including 2020.

Now that we have recovered from the UK economic crisis of 2008/9, and with Brexit now a done deal, we are extremely well placed to grow dramatically. The UK has reportedly around £1Tn of investment finance that has been held back pending the outcome of Brexit. This is readily seen by our own results.  We are one of very few British manufacturers who actively export into China.  

Q: Graham – what would you like your legacy to be for GEN3 the company, and the team you have built?

Well, it’s now passed three generations, so it would be nice if it could continue to a 4th. That decision of course rests with Andrew more than with me. Like my father, I don’t plan to simply retire and drift off into the sun.  My father was Company President right up to his sad passing in 2018, aged 94.

Andrew Naisbitt

Q: Andrew – congratulations on your promotion, what does this mean for you?

Of course, becoming the CEO makes me extremely proud, but I want to ensure I continue to earn it every day I go into work. Fortunately, I have a lot of expert support around me to help me move the company forward in a positive and strategic direction.

Q: Andrew – why does this position excite you?

I enjoy the challenges and responsibilities that running a business gives. Of course, there are difficult moments and difficult decisions to make, but building a team and working with them to manufacture our equipment and solve complex problems is incredibly rewarding.

GEN3 is my family’s legacy and I want to ensure that this continues and grows for many years to come.

Q:  Andrew – you obviously have big shoes to fill as you move into this position previously held by Graham, what do you think you’ll do the same, and what changes do you think you will make?

Well happily, since becoming a Director in 2016, I have built up a good deal of experience in running the day-to-day Operational side of the business and all which that entails. We have already made a number of changes to how we operate to streamline our production, and I want to continue to build our great team to be able to offer better flexibility to help our distributors and customers around the world.

You need to be careful to not make wholesale changes for the sake of them, because we've been around in the electronics industry for over 40 years now, and we wouldn't have been if we didn't have good foundations and structure in place.

Q:  Andrew – what do you hope to achieve over the next two years? Five years?

We currently sit in the most promising position this company probably has ever been in.
There has been a huge amount of work to get us to this position, but with the recent and upcoming changes to industry standards, we are hoping to see a significant increase in demand for the expert solutions we provide.

So, to answer the question directly, it would be easy to say that I want to see continued growth, that much is obvious.  I want our staff, distributors and customers to be happy with the services/equipment we offer and provide. If they are, then I am positive the reward of success will go hand-in-hand.