GEN3, Sales Order Book Double During COVID-19 Pandemic.

GEN3, Sales Order Book Double During COVID-19 Pandemic.

UK Manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for the electronics industry, GEN3 is working overtime to produce enough of its products to supply their growing order book demand.

GEN3 have been globally testing and measuring the electronics industry for over 40 years.  With a reputation for precision in excellence, they have become the ‘go-to’ company for all sizes of Original Electronic Makers (OEMs) to ensure perfection in performance.

Operations Director, Andy Naisbitt accredited a portion of their increase in demand generated from their distribution partner in Taiwan, Sharemate Technology Inc.  Sharemate and GEN3 have been partners for 19 years and have seen their relationship go from strength to strength through this period of time, but even more so during these unpremeditated times, when collaboration has proven to be key.

The two solutions that have demonstrated significant growth are the AutoSir2+, CM+ Series, and MUST 3.


Surface Insulation Resistance Testing

The new AutoSIR2+™ system represents a dramatic improvement over existing SIR test alternatives, and its shielded precision electronics allows state-of-the-art accuracy resistance measurements to be made up to 1014 Ω.

CM+ Series

CM+ Series
Ionic Contamination Test Systems

The CM+ Series measure the amount of ionic contamination in accordance with all existing test methods, often referred to as ROSE testing, as well as the new PICT test.  The CM+ series from Gen3 Systems come in 5 different models and 5 different tank sizes - when selecting a Test System, it is important to use the smallest possible tank size for the circuit under test.


Solderability Tester

The MUST System 3 is the latest technological evolution of the original Multicore Universal Solderability Tester (MUST) that grandfathered all modern solderability test standards. It remains the unquestioned industry benchmark for solderability testing.

So, why do the team at GEN3 think they are witnessing this increase in particular product solutions demand?  Andy explains that dramatic shifts and disruptions in production call for extra protection.  The industry is facing extended lead-times for component sourcing, shipping, supply chain and logistics, therefore they need to do what they can to ensure that products performance is at 100%.  The GEN3 equipment is designed and created with accuracy at its core.

“With every increase in demand comes an increase in the requirements from team members.  This can’t go unrecognised.” Rachael Bussy, Marketing Manager stated.  

“We are grateful to the team at GEN3 as we simply could not work at our current pace without their support. We are in an incredibly fortunate position to be able to manufacture products that help companies protect their products and their brand reputation, and the whole team is very proud to be playing their part.”

This highlights that COVID-19 hasn’t had a negative effect on all businesses and reminds us to focus on the positives surrounding the electronics industry, in which there are many.