Gen3 welcomes PB Technik to their factory for training on their Manufactured Products

Gen3 welcomes PB Technik to their factory for training on their Manufactured Products
25 October 2022

Earlier this month Gen3 welcomed Mateusz Stupecki and Krzysztof Piątkowski of PB Technik to their facility in Farnborough, Hampshire for both training and an insight into their Contaminometers, CM Series and Solderability Tester, MUST3.

Gen3 appointed PB Technik as their distributor back in 2007, 15 years ago.  Over these years Gen3 and PBT have worked together to build relationships with their engineers and customers. It has been a long standing relationship that continutes to grow.  Over the years Gen3 has opened its doors to a number of PBT’s engineers to educate and train them in engineering relaiabilty in electronics.

PBT is a distribution company who has been in the idcudstry since 1991.  They are able to offer both industrial automation from world-renowned manufacturers of machines for electronics, as well as comprehensive solutions and technologies, including production lines, assembly lines, industrial electronics and technological installations. They are equipped with well-trained staff supported by modern technical facilities, this allows them to keep up to date with the latest trends and provide services at the highest level.

Dariusz Jaszczuk, Service Manager for PBT commented following their engineers visit, ‘We thank you for your professional and indepth training.  We are grateful for your hopsitaility during our stay’

PB Technik have come away with a greater understanding, and more tools to allow them to provide a better service to both current and new customers of their market.    

Gen3 are keen to continually train their distributors ensuring they have both the best knowledge and understanding of Gen3’s equipment.  Gen3’s equipment is forever evolving to ensure it meets with the IPC and IEC Standards, as well as customer demand.