Gen3 trains, educates and shares their knowledge on their Manufactured Products

Gen3 trains, educates and shares their knowledge on their Manufactured Products
26 May 2022

Earlier this month Gen3 welcomed Ken DeVries of Horizon Sales to their facility in Farnborough, Hampshire for a week’s training and insight on their product line.   

Gen3 appointed Horizon Sales as their distributor in the USA in February 2020 following the retirement of Ascentech LLC. Gen3 and Horizon Sales share a lot of similarities in their operations, and working together was a natural fit for each other to develop a partnership both companies were excited to grow.  

As with all Gen3 representatives and customers, Gen3 host many training visits where an insight can be had to all of their available products, as well as discussions about current standards and the different requirements distributors & customers have. Unfortunately, shortly after the new appointment of Horizon, COVID-19 struck the World and a visit had to be placed on hold which was a huge frustration for both companies only a few weeks into their new collaboration.  

Alongside the rest of the world, Gen3 & Horizon worked together remotely which proved to be a great success given the contsraints, but as soon as travel was made safe, a long overdue visit was scheduled.  Ken joined the team for training on Gen3’s AutoSIR2+, AutoCAF2+, MUST3, Gensonic, CM Series and their conformal coating range.  It was a busy, and beneficial week for all.  
Ken commented following his visit, “I want to say thank you to everyone for such a great visit.  It was great to finally meet such an amazing team in person.  It was an amazing experience for me, and I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time.  I appreciate everyone who took some time out of their day to help me understand Gen3 and the equipment they provide.

Something I understood during my visit to Gen3, is that the AutoSIR and Contaminometer are not intended to give a standardized hard pass/fail result.  The data gathered by this equipment is subjective and the results need to be interpreted separately for each production process to assess what is acceptable or not.  This equipment is intended to provide us with clues that can be used to maintain or improve a production method. A failed test is an opportunity to improve a process.
I feel reassured by Andy Naisbitt & the Gen3 team that I do get the concepts.  Too many in the industry want to believe that there is a “silver bullet” test to fully prove their production process however, misinformation, politics and resistance to change have slowed progress on mutually beneficial testing concepts and processes.”

Ken and his team at Horizon have come away with a greater understanding and more tools to allow them to provide a better service to current and new customers of North America.  

Gen3 are keen to develop a long-standing relationship with Horizon, like they have with a number of their current Distributors.  They are pleased to have Horizon on board, a well-known and developed company in not only the north American territory, but World-wide.    

Keep an eye out for events Horizon will be partaking in, small and big, and talks are being had of a possible Gen3 seminar on the horizon.