Gen3 to Exhibit at the 24th European Microelectronics & Packaging Conference

Gen3 to Exhibit at the 24th European Microelectronics & Packaging Conference
01 September 2023

Farnborough, Hampshire, UK – Gen3, Global leader in SIR, CAF, Solderability, Ionic Contamination & process optimization equipment, is excited to announce its participation at the 24th European Microelectronics & Packaging Conference (EMPC) taking place Sept. 11-14, 2023 at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, near Cambridge, UK.

At the conference, Sascha Lohse, from Finetech, Gen3's principal will be presenting a paper titled 'Fine Pitch Micro Indium Bump Interconnect Flip Chip Bonding.' The presentation will delve into the challenges faced in producing large format, high-density IR thermal imaging FPA devices, Quantum processors, and micro LED displays using fine pitch micro Indium bump array interconnections that meet the rigorous industry requirements of today.

Lohse is an esteemed expert in microsystems technology, having graduated in the field in 2006 from the University of Applied Science in Berlin. He has acquired extensive experience in both frontend and backend processes while working at the Hahn Schickard Gesellschaft and the Fraunhofer IZM. Presently, Sascha leads the product management, application, and technical documentation teams, and he serves on Finetech's executive board. His profound knowledge of multiple bonding technologies has allowed him to tackle various packaging challenges throughout his career.

The EMPC conference provides an ideal platform for Gen3 to showcase its advanced microelectronics solutions to a diverse audience of industry professionals, researchers, and decision-makers. Gen3's cutting-edge technology addresses the industry's evolving needs, enabling customers to achieve exceptional results in their microelectronics projects.

Gen3 looks forward to engaging with conference attendees, networking with industry peers, and demonstrating its commitment to advancing microelectronics technologies.