Gen3 Systems

Gen3 Systems

Remember Concoat? Gen3 Systems is founded on the former Concoat Systems Limited. Concoat Systems and its company slogan “Engineering Reliability in Electronics” (which has been retained by Gen3 Systems) was a familiar name in Europe, Asia and much of North America. The new company was launched by its family owners after former sister company Concoat Limited was sold in 2005.

In 2002 we acquired Multicore's Soldering Process Control Instrumentation Division (SPCID) from its (then) new owners Henkel and thus began our extended development into test and measurement equipment and services.

Gen3 Systems is a specialist manufacturer of test and measurement equipment used to predict the reliability of electronic circuits and systems in the field. Alongside this, Gen3 Systems distribute a number of products that have a symbiotic relationship to our manufactured equipment and help to enhance the core theme of our business - engineering reliability in electronics. In addition, we design and manufacture conformal coating process equipment in both in-line and bench-top formats, along with other production process aids.
We have been a family-owned business for over 40 years and that tradition is being carried forward into a third generation – hence the name Gen3 Systems.

In January 2008 we acquired Process Support Products (PSP) with owner Peter Marshall joining our team. PSP has now become the UK / Ireland sales division for Gen3 Systems, while bringing with it many new distributed products from Marantz (AOI), ACE (selective soldering), Kirsten (modula wave soldering), MB Tech (cleaning systems) and several others.

For over 20 years, Gen3 Systems has worked closely with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). This unique relationship has helped in our development of the MUST and AutoSIR test systems as well as helping us define new measurement techniques and equipment. Through this relationship we are also engaged in international standards development through BSi, IEC and IPC.
Our combined knowledge and experience is also offered to provide training and advice to customers as well as a comprehensive in-house service for solderability, SIR and cleanliness testing.

Gen3 Systems operates from a factory close to the world-renowned Farnborough Business Park. We also have an entirely new management team focused on the needs and requirements of our customers around the world, and all dedicated to ENGINEERING RELIABILITY IN ELECTRONICS.