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MUST 3 Solderability Testing
Solderability Tester
Introducing the MUST 3 Solderability tester – the worlds number 1 solderability test system. The MUST System 3 is the latest technological evolution of the original Multicore Universal...


CM Series Contaminometer Test System
Award Winning Gensonic Stencil Cleaner
6 Sigma Verified
Ionic Contamination Test Systems
Introducing the new and improved, 6 Sigma verified CM+ Series – the industry-leading, award-winning and worlds first combined ROSE and PICT Ionic Contamination Tester. Although commonly...


AutoSIR2+ - SIR Testing
Surface Insulation Resistance Testing
Following over 2 years of intense research and development, we are proud to introduce the next generation of equipment used to measure changes in Surface Insulation Resistance. The new AutoSIR2+™...
AutoCAF2+ Testing
Conductive Anodic Filament Testing
After 2 years of research and development, we are proud to introduce the next generation of Conductive Anodic Filament Monitoring equipment used to measure the influences of sub-surface electro-...
Solder Paste Analysis
Solder Paste Analyser
The SPA 1000 Solder Paste Analyser is a unique six-in-one test system used to characterise solder paste in compliance with both IPC and IEC Standards. The SPA 1000 also introduces new process...