DC 2000 NANO

DC 2000 NANO
Dip Coating System
DC 2000 NANO Dip Coating System

The NANO - COAT Dip coating systems are designed for a variety of ultra precision application of coatings from <60nm to >50μm at >3% accuracy. Being totally air operated the Nano-Coat Dip Systems are totally safe to use with all coatings including flammable liquids and for the very widest range of applications.  

Dip coating is the most effective method of applying a conformal coating whether in terms of efficiency, productivity or cost. High volume manufacturers design their assemblies so that any component that should not be coated (e.g. connectors, trimmers, presets, switches) are located on one side of the assembly.

The DC 2000 NANO is a small, laboratory batch coating system designed for the high precision application of conformal coatings and photo-resists onto substrates by dip coating.

A pneumatic air-over-oil system ensures that the substrate carrier exhibits a smooth "judder-free" motion during the immersion and withdrawal strokes. Its speed can be adjusted with great accuracy to suit the viscosity of a wide range of materials. This produces an extremely smooth and even finished coating result.

The DC 2000 NANO is ideally suited to low volume producers and can be easily adapted to run with many different types of coating.

Key Features

  • Precision coating from <60nm to >150μm @ ± 3% accuracy
  • Ultra precise application of coatings onto a variety of substrates guaranteeing:
  • Speed Control: <0.5 mm/second on BOTH immersion and withdrawal
  • Accuracy: ±3%FSD (over the full range) Stroke Range: ~35mm to >2 Metres
  • Totally judder-free operation using our unique (OPC) Oleo-Pneumatic Circuit

Technical Specifications

up to 300mm (12 inches) 220L x 80W x 220D mm (3.75 Litres) 300L x 120W X 300D mm
Note: If an optional pump is selected custom sized tanks may be specified.


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