Stands that take Optilia Full HD Inspection online

Stands that take Optilia Full HD Inspection online
12 July 2013

The proven qualities of Optilia's full HD inspection systems can be fully employed for online tasks thanks to a series of well designed and high quality mounting solutions.

The OP-006 333 and OP-006 342 are specially developed for mounting the Optilia W10x and W30x series inspection cameras into PCB production lines and are suitably constructed with high quality stainless steel and anodised aluminium parts and is safe for use in EPA environments.

It features a heavy duty and stable rail-stand with a precision ball-bearing carriage, giving smooth and precise camera movement above the inspection object in X and Y-directions. The rail can be tailored to a lateral X-width of 500mm to 1000mm (400-900mm X-travel) and the camera holder is mounted on to a rigid double-rod boom with the option of an axial Y-range of either 400mm or 900mm. Even greater adjustment is possible by adding the optional 4-directional tilt unit. This can be assembled on front of the stand boom in order to change the direction angle of the camera for side inspection of objects.

Optilia is already well known within the electronics industry for its powerful range of video inspection systems and most users have employed them for off-line inspection or precision assembly and rework. This easy to install solution gives the possibility of full HD inspection with even greater convenience and improved line efficiency.