MBTech Cleaning System and Gen3's CM Series

MBTech Cleaning System and Gen3's CM Series

The MBTech NC25 Cleaning System and GEN3's CM33L+ Ionic Contamination System have an important role in the manufacture of high quality electronic boards.

AMW-EMS came to both MBTech and GEN3 with the requirment for board cleaning in their production line.  Board cleaning is useful for improving the repeatability of nail board testing; the long-term adhesion of board tropicalisation and reliability of their products. Automating this process with both the NC25 and CM33L+ machines ensures that the cleaning process is fully repeatable and effective.  

Gen3's CM Series allows to clean the flux residues necessary for the soldering process but also any kind of contamination. The CM Series is used to measure the amount of ionic contamincation usually referred to as cleanliness levels in accordance with all the international specifications. Gen3's systems are 6 Sigma verified, and known to be industry-leading, award-winning and the worlds first combined ROSE and PICT Ionic Contamination Tester.  

AMW-EMS recently decided to internalise this capability within their factory after having performed these contamination analysis with local partners in the past. Their objective was to facilitate the qualification of the implementation of an automatic cleaning process and to control its efficiency in mass production.

The NC25 Batch Cleaner is specially designed around a patented filtration system, providing high cleaning performance.  The system is designed for use with a number of chemistries in a closed-loop configuration that offers optimum performance with minimum waste and hence reduced operating costs. The machine also benefits a unique process of combining forced convection and vacuum.

The NC25 system boosts one of the most cost efficient and waste friendly systems available on the market. MBTech equipment is designed in order to respond to three essential criteria; efficiency, low running costs, and environmental respect. Automating the board cleaning process with machines guarantees a perfectly repeatable cleaning. This avoids the risk of local residues that can lead to faster oxidation over time and the creation of short circuits in the very long term.

Both the MBTech NC25 system and Gen3's CM33L+ arrived and was commissioned by both MBTech's and Gen3's knowledgeable distribution network. It has since been utilised in AMW-EMS's production line for mass production, for magnetics components, PCBAs, sub-systems assembly and test.