GEN3 welcome distributors Microsolder for training week

GEN3 welcome distributors Microsolder for training week
31 May 2024

GEN3 Hosted Distributor Training Week for Microsolder

Leading Manufacturers Of Electronics Testing Equipment Hosted In-Depth Product and Technical Training

FARNBOROUGH, England (May 28, 2024) – GEN3, a global leader in in SIR, CAF, Solderability, Ionic Contamination & process optimisation equipment, continues to drive innovation with its comprehensive suite of advanced inspection and testing solutions. For over 50 years, the company has been at the forefront of designing, engineering, manufacturing, and distributing state-of-the-art products that shield circuits from failure in the field. GEN3 hosted a comprehensive training week for the distribution teams of Microsolder one of its premier distribution partners. The event took place at GEN3's headquarters in Farnborough, England.

With a team of industry experts dedicated to setting standards for circuit testing, measurement, and compliance, GEN3 collaborates with key associations to educate and mentor customers on achieving precision and success. Their reputation for excellence has grown to a global scale, offering unparalleled product protection and minimising risk in high-reliability applications where there is no room for error.

The week long training provided an immersive learning experience for the distributors, covering the latest advancements in soldering technology, product features, applications, and best practices. Microsolders Bence Fekete – Sales & Technical Support, and Zoltán Jakab – Senior sales Manager & Master IPC Trainer received hands-on training from GEN3's team of experts and product specialists, gaining valuable insights into the company's product portfolio.

John Barraclough, Zoltan Jakab, Graham Dickson Craig Seymour,  Bence Fekete, Andrew Naisbitt
John Barraclough, Zoltán Jakab, Graham Dickson Craig Seymour,  Bence Fekete, Andrew Naisbitt

"We are committed to empowering our distribution partners with the knowledge and expertise they need to effectively represent our products and deliver exceptional value to their customers," said Andy Naisbitt, CEO of GEN3. "The training was an invaluable opportunity for GEN3 to collaborate with Microsolder to deepen their knowledge of our cutting-edge products and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry."

The Distributor Training Week offered a comprehensive program, including;

In-depth product demonstrations and hands-on sessions:

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in hands-on sessions and demonstrations, including the unveiling of the Next Generation CM Contaminometer. These sessions provided detailed sales training, technical specifications and performance capabilities of GEN3’s product portfolio;

Zoltan & Bence MUST3 Training
Zoltán & Bence MUST3 Training

Sales Teams CM Contaminometer Training
Sales Teams CM Contaminometer Training


Best practices for installation, operation, and maintenance:

Microsolder deepened their knowledge of best practices for the installation, operation, and maintenance of GEN3's products, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Troubleshooting and support resources – a review of GEN3’s TechShot forum:

GEN3 reviewed troubleshooting techniques and support resources, including the TechShot forum, to assist Microsolder in addressing customer enquiries and challenges effectively.

John Barraclough, Zoltan Jakab, Craig Seymour, Bence Fekete, Graham Dickson
John Barraclough, Zoltán Jakab, Craig Seymour, Bence Fekete, Graham Dickson

Zoltán and Bence shared some feedback about their visit to GEN3 HQ

"We recently attended a course organised by GEN3, which proved to be very useful for us. During the training, we learned a lot about the product range (MUST3; CM; AutoSir2+; AutoCAF2+), which will help us to be more efficient in sales and service. In addition to the practical training, we also received detailed theoretical knowledge, which has provided us with the basis for improving our skills.

Our hosts were exceptionally hospitable, always ready to help us in any way they could. They always answered our questions patiently and ensured that each participant made the most of the course.

We feel that we have built a future-proof relationship with them that will continue to bring many benefits to both parties. The expertise and professionalism of GEN3 was impressive and we are confident that we can work well together in the future.

Overall, the course met and exceeded our expectations in every aspect. We are very grateful for the opportunity and look forward to putting what we have learned into practice." 

Zoltán and Bence - Microsolder
Zoltán and Bence - Microsolder Arrive in the UK for GEN3 Training

GEN3 is dedicated to fostering strong partnerships with it’s distribution network and providing ongoing training and support to ensure their success. By investing in the education and development of it’s distribution partners, the company aims to deliver superior test solutions and exceptional customer experiences worldwide.


About GEN3

GEN3. Testing and measuring the electronics industry for over 50 years.  For three generations, GEN3 have designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed their test and measurement equipment into the electronics industry to shield their clients from failure in the field.

Their reputation for excellence has grown to a global scale. The team is made up of industry experts who work to set the standards around circuit testing, measurement, and compliance.  They collaborate with key industry associations, offering our unique experience and expertise to educate all on what it takes to succeed.  For product protection the preferred way is GEN3, where precision comes as standard, acting as a mentor and your front-line defender.

In the high-reliability arena, there is too much at stake to allow room for error. Testing must be finite and flawless. GEN3 understand the need for precision. Get closer to perfection by minimising your risk.


About Microsolder

Microsolder is a leading provider of micro soldering services and training based in Hungary. They specialise in the repair and rework of small electronic components and circuit boards using advanced microscopes and precision soldering equipment.

Their team of highly skilled technicians have extensive experience in micro soldering techniques like BGA rework, SMD soldering, and wire bonding. Microsolder offers services for a wide range of electronics, from smartphones and laptops to industrial equipment and medical devices.

In addition to repair services, they also provide comprehensive micro soldering training courses for individuals and companies looking to develop expertise in this specialised field. Their training covers theory, hands-on practice, and certification.

With a focus on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, Microsolder has built a strong reputation in the electronics repair industry. Their state-of-the-art facility and commitment to using the latest tools and techniques ensure reliable results for even the most intricate micro soldering jobs.