Gen3 Systems Annouces increasing CIL's process capability on PCB Cleaning

Gen3 Systems Annouces increasing CIL's process capability on PCB Cleaning
14 February 2011

FARNBOROUGH, UK – February 10, 2011 – The Gen3 Systems CONTAMINOMETER (CM Series) and principle’s Mb-Tech PCB Cleaner NC 25 has been introduced to Custom Interconnect Limited’s production line.

The CM Series range is more cost effective and provides better flexibility to suit all customers’ needs. Custom Interconnect has introduced Gen3 Systems CM11+, a bench-top system, to their line.

Contaminometers are used to measure the amount of ionic contamination, usually referred to as cleanliness level, in accordance with IPC/ANSI-J-STD001 and UK DEF-STD and other international specifications. The instruments are also commonly referred to as ROSE (Resistivity Of Solvent Extracted) or SEC (Solvent Extract Conductivity) testers.

Gen3 Systems has over 500 CM11+ units installed and commissioned over the world; they are recognised as world leaders in this range of product.
CIL have purchased an MB Tech NC25 cleaning systems. MB-Tech’s range of products meets all the needs and specifications of electronic boards manufacturers (stencils, PCB after reflow, coated boards stripping, maintenance parts such as solder pallets or oven condenser…) and since 2002, they have also been able to satisfy the quality needs of the semiconductor industry.

Mb-Tech equipments are designed in order to respond to 3 essential criteria requested by our clients: - efficiency - low running cost - environmental respect.

Efficiency, through the development of cleaning techniques adapted to the final products.

Low running cost, thanks to the use of a filtration patent which increases the life time of the cleaning product, through a closed-loop rinsing process and by reducing the electricity consumption with the help of innovative techniques used in the drying process.

Respect for the environment, through the use of a water-based cleaning product and the waste-free closed-loop water process.

With several hundreds of systems installed, Mb-tech provides all over the world its leadership skills in the field of high precision cleaning applications.

Rob Ronan, production engineering manager, of Custom Interconnect Limited, commented “We had considered many different options and explored the market place extensively when it came to replacing our existing cleaning system. The Mb tech NC25 was perfectly suited to our current and potential future cleaning demands and due to the support offered in the UK for this machine by Gen3, it was decided that the NC25 along with the CM Contaminometer was the ideal complete cleaning solution for CIL”