Contract award for the KISS 103 Selective Soldering System

Contract award for the KISS 103 Selective Soldering System
20 June 2013

FARNBOROUGH, UK – June 20, 2013– Gen3 Systems supplies the KISS 103 Selective Soldering System for ZOT Engineering’s production facility in Scotland.

Manufactured by ACE Production Technologies the KISS systems, “Keep it Simple Soldering”, were first introduced in 2005. Since that time, and with a focus on customer satisfaction, ACE has risen to become the foremost worldwide supplier of Selective Soldering Systems.

The KISS-103 System for Zot Engineering is designed to process 460mm x 600mm (18" x 24") assemblies entirely without intervention and is the biggest system in the KISS range. Automatically applying flux and solder to through-hole component leads without disturbing neighbouring SMT components, they provide solder quality that is significantly superior to hand soldering with full barrel fill and top side fillets consistently produced. They out-perform at least 5 hand-soldering operators providing a Return on Investment that can be measured in days.

The Integrated Manufacturing Division of Zot was formed in 1997 and has grown extensively over the years by providing a superior and unique one-stop-shop service. Product Design for Manufacture (DFM) and engineering advice filters across all the manufacturing disciplines and production is seamless. The reduced supply chain results in a lower cost and high quality product.

Dave Yeaman, Production Manager, of ZOT, commented “We selected the ACE KISS 103 after a detailed selection process, which quantified the quality and capabilities of various suppliers of Selective Soldering equipment. Due to the diversity of products we supply to various manufacturing sectors, we were looking for a machine and supplier that could meet the flexibility and quality standards that we have set in line with our customers’ requirements .The ACE system along with the availability of support from GEN3 and ACE met all our requirements and more. As well as the innovative dual nozzle pot for all our selective solder requirements, we also expect the 75mm solder waves to replace our expensive to run wave solder baths. The addition also of the solder bath changeover pot, can also give us a safe and quick method of changing pots, and vastly reducing changeover and bath heat times. The KISS 103 also gives a fast ROI, which is ideal in the current economic climate. We are extremely happy with this purchase along with the new capabilities and extra capacity it brings.”

GEN3’s Business Development Manager, Nick Plumb commented: “This contract from Zot Engineering is the 15th ACE System we have installed in the UK and is a significant endorsement of our focus on customer satisfaction that we share with ACE.”