APEX 2024 An Event To Remember

APEX 2024 An Event To Remember
30 April 2024

GEN3 were thrilled to join Horizon Sales in Anaheim this April for another year at IPC’s APEX Expo. The event as always was an encapsulation of innovation, collaboration, and progress, bringing together some of the greatest minds in electronics. Horizon Sales and GEN3 welcomed a number of valuable customers to our stand, demonstrating our latest products, solutions and services, hosting meaningful conversations and sparking new ideas, creating a dynamic environment for networking.

The Anaheim Convention Centre, a new venue for 2024 provided the perfect backdrop, with its modern infrastructure and vibrant atmosphere, accommodating the influx of eager participants to explore the advancements in electronics.

The lineup of speakers was truly impressive, featuring visionary leaders, groundbreaking researchers, and influential policymakers from around the globe. Each session was carefully curated, covering a wide array of topics allowing attendees to witness firsthand the cutting-edge ideas and advancements shaping our future. Amongst the rumble of hot topics across the hall was of course the newest requirements to IPC -STD-001; Objective Evidence. GEN3’s President Graham Naisbitt met with i-Connect 007’s Nolan Johnson to discuss its importance in manufacturing processes, debunking the common misconception that the ROSE test is a cleanliness test, you can watch this interview HERE.

The shared passion of attendees enables us to push the boundaries of what's possible, opening doors to new connections whether it’s exchanging business cards over coffee or debating the implications of Objective Evidence, connections were forged that will undoubtedly lead to future collaborations and partnerships.

In addition to the main program, APEX offered a variety of workshops, roundtable discussions, and networking events tailored to different interests and industries. These smaller gatherings provided a more intimate setting for deeper dives into specific topics and facilitated meaningful connections among like-minded professionals, John Barraclough, GEN3’s Head of Business Development connected with WNIE’s Justin Worden, catch up HERE.

In summary, APEX 2024 in Anaheim was yet again a thrilling event sparking thought-provoking discussions and a collaborative spirit, amongst the best of the tech community!

GEN3 look forward to witnessing the continued impact of APEX, shaping the future of innovation and APEX 2025.