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DC 2000 NANO Dip Coating System
Dip Coating System
The NANO - COAT Dip coating systems are designed for a variety of ultra precision application of coatings from <60nm to >50μm at >3% accuracy. Being totally air operated the Nano-Coat Dip...
Spray Coating
Spray application of a conformal coating requires the use of High Velocity Low Pressure (HVLP) spray technology that is standard across all Gen3 Systems spray coating machines. All Gen3 Systems...
UV Inspection
UV Inspection & Rework Booth
The UV Inspection and Rework Booth is designed to assist in the inspection, repair and/or reworking of conformally coated electronic circuit assemblies. As all approved conformal coatings contain...
Drying Cabinet
Drying Cabinet
The Gen3 Systems type 1001 drying cabinet is a freestanding, two-door unit specifically designed for air-drying printed circuit boards (PCBs) that have been conformally coated. It is necessary to...