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DC 2000 NANO Dip Coating System
Dip Coating System
The NANO - COAT Dip coating systems are designed for a variety of ultra precision application of coatings from <60nm to >50μm at >3% accuracy. Being totally air operated the Nano-Coat Dip...
UV Inspection
UV Inspection & Rework Booth
The UV Booth is designed to assist in the inspection of samples that require UV light to enhance discrepancies, contamination or process issues.  Used in a variety of markets, including...
Spray Coating
Spray application of a conformal coating requires the use of High Velocity Low Pressure (HVLP) spray technology that is standard across all Gen3 Systems spray coating machines. All Gen3 Systems...
Drying Cabinet
Drying Cabinet
The Gen3 Systems type 1001 drying cabinet is a freestanding, two-door unit specifically designed for air-drying printed circuit boards (PCBs) that have been conformally coated. It is necessary to...