NEW CM Series

NEW CM Series
Ionic Contamination Test Systems
Award Winning
Six-Sigma (6σ) Verified
GEN3 CM Contaminometer

Introducing the new and improved, Six-Sigma (6σ) verified CM Series – the industry-leading, award-winning and worlds first combined ROSE and PICT Ionic Contamination Tester.

Although commonly referred to as "Cleanliness Testing", the Contaminometer is in fact a tool used to measure ionic contamination. This test method has, for over 40 years, been acknowledged as an important Quality Assurance and Process Control tool in the manufacture of electronic circuit boards, components and assemblies.

Historically, International Standard IPC-J-STD001 stated that assemblies be cleaned to a value of <1.56µg/cm2 of NaCl equivalence. However, the new design is linked to the introduction of the new process control metric introduced by GEN3 Systems: Process Ionic Contamination Testing (PICT). The CM Series measure the amount of ionic contamination in accordance with all existing test methods, often referred to as ROSE testing, as well as the new PICT test.

The CM series from GEN3 come in 5 different models and 5 different tank sizes - when selecting a Test System, it is important to use the smallest possible tank size for the circuit under test.

All of the range utilise a solid gold test-cell, ballistic amplifiers and vigorous pumping systems to ensure superior measurement precision, even at very low conductivity values. PC based software is used to produce graphical test data, a pass/fail analysis and automatic hard copy print out using test methods according to the prevailing standards.

In a collaborative research study with Robert Bosch, the CM range has been proven to meet Six-Sigma (6σ) criteria, using a verification procedure at different production sites worldwide. Used as a process tool, the CM Systems can be used for optimisation of manufacturing techniques and materials, and manufacturing control across different production sites globally, with a high level of certainty. 

The new CM range includes the following:

CM11, CM22, CM33, CM33L, CM VMC and CM BBT.


CM Unit Size (Excluding CM11):

Height: 1100mm (43.3in)

Width: 945mm (37.2in)

Depth: 660mm (25.9in)

*All units require 80mm clearance for cable access 

Key Features
  • New Capability to run ROSE test and PICT
  • New Advanced traceability features for tracking boards and their history
  • New Software featuring a new user interface for an enhanced user experience
  • New Alarms for solution leakage and reduced ventilation
  • New Built-in conductivity meter
  • Improved automatic temperature and CO2 compensation to remove any effects of atmospheric pollution from contamination results. 
  • Improved serviceability
  • Improved accuracy and stability with redesigned hardware for optimum measurement capability
  • The CM Series is Six-Sigma (6σ) verified as a process control tool
  • The CM series has proven Gauge R&R (Repeatability and Reliability) of ~2%
  • High fluid circulation rate, ensuring fast removal of ionic contaminants from PCBA whilst providing smooth, bubble-free circulation at all times
  • Unique CURVE-FITTING Analysis algorithm (Merit of Fit) to predict results of longer tests
  • Unique solid gold measuring cell, ballistic amplifier providing a test accuracy of <0.005μS/cm
  • Complete testing cycle of only 3-minutes & full regeneration in typically < 6 minutes

Technical Specifications

CM11 Bench-top system 250 x 300 x 36 mm
(~9.8" x 11.8" x 1.4")
2.7 Litres 21 Kgs
CM22 250 x 370 x 60 mm
(~9.8" x 14.6" x 2.4")
5.25 Litres 60 Kgs
CM33 350 x 520 x 60 mm
(~13.8” x 20.7” x 2.4”)
10.5 Litres 85 Kgs
CM33L 610 x 640 x 90 mm
(~24” x 25.2” x 3.5”)
33.5 Litres 100 Kgs
CM VMC 360 x 530 x 65 mm
(~14.2" x 20.8" x 2.5")
10.5 Litres 110 Kgs
CM BBT 715 x 665 x 30 mm
(~28.1” x 26.2” x 1.2”)
14.27 Litres 75 Kgs
CM Accessories

The CM Series includes a range of tools and accessories that fully equip the user with all necessary items to perform Contamination Testing (all included as standard with the system). All tools can be ordered on an individual basis, and can be retro-fitted to our original CM Series.

Within our comprehensive Accessories Kit:

- Hydrometer (for either 75:25 or 50:50 IPA:DI Water mixtures)
- Thermometer
- Cleaning Brush
- Fluid Dispenser
- ESD Wrist Strap
- Steel Ruler
- Claw Pick-up Tool
- CM Software USB Stick
- Fluid Draining Tool

Our range of PCB and Component Handling Frames are an effective tool in providing quick and reliable insertion, drainage and removal of boards from the Test chamber during the testing procedure.

They compromise an Electropolished Stainless Steel frame that includes wire supports for larger boards and a mesh basket for smaller boards and components.

Rotating draining arms allow the frame to rest on the tank edge once testing is complete so that the test solution can drain off of the test piece and back into the test chamber.

Maximum PCB Sizes
- CM22 H: 330mm x W: 215mm x D: 33mm
- CM33 H: 480mm x W: 310mm x D: 33mm
- CM33L H: 590mm x W: 570mm x D: 63mm
- CM BBT H: 645mm x W: 625mm x D: 7mm

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