Optical Inspection

Optical Inspection
Optical Inspection Systems

Optillia produce state of the art optical inspection systems combined with intelligent user-friendly software for high-resolution visual inspection, quality control, digital image recording, non-contact dimensional measurements and documentation.

The Professional High Definition inspection camera microscope is available in either, 10x, 20x or 30x optical zoom. In-built with a laser pointer for reliable, ergonomic and fast Visual Inspection work.

The laser pointer aims at the area of interest and assists in locating it on the screen. To further simplify operations, a foot pedal can control selected functions.

The cameras can easily be connected to a Full-HD or HD-ready monitor or TV of the desired size through HD component video outputs. For recording, measuring and archiving of digital images, the system can be linked to a computer through Optilia’s PCI or USB 3.0 Frame Grabbers.

The user through the software can alter the image brightness; contrast, focus, sharpness, colour and other parameters. They can be automatically set or adjusted manually.These camera systems are made of high quality components, stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts.


    There are many applications that Optillia can be used for including, visual Inspection, Quality control, Repair and rework, Assembly of products, Cuts and score, Gluing, Digital Image recording software analysis, Non-contact Dimensional Measurements, documentation and archiving and real time monitoring.

    Key Features
    • State-of-the-art video imaging technology with intelligent, user-friendly software.
    • Robust and reliable design.
    • Ergonomic and easy to operate.
    • Excellent image quality.
    • Wide range of extra lenses, illuminations, stands and other accessories.
    • Cost effective in the investment and operation.
    Optilia Features
    Optilia Features


    Optilia - Optical Inspection
    HD Optical Inspection Systems
    Product Guide

    Optilia Instruments is a hallmark for quality in terms of visual inspection instruments. With our own R & D and in-house manufacturing, we are able to develop new products that are continually driving technological development forward.

    Optililia W10x -HD
    HD Inspection Camera

    Optilia W10x-HD is a professional inspection camera with 10x optical zoom, large working distance, quick autofocus and laser pointer for reliable, ergonomic and fast Visual Inspection work.

    Optilia - M20x HD Easy View
    HD 720p Inspection Camera
    M20x-HD Easy View

    Cost effective, plug-and-play and ergonomic video inspection system producing bright pictures for fast and reliable optical inspection.

    Optilia HD Optical Inspection Systems
    HD Optical Inspection System

    Professional High Definition inspection camera microscope with 30x optical zoom, autofocus, large working distance and laser pointer for reliable, ergonomic and fast Visual Inspection work.